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Where do you get your TF fix? [03 Sep 2011|01:01am]

[ mood | curious ]

I've been more or less out of the community for a year or two.  So I'm wondering, what (free) sites to view art, read stories, or talk transformation are still around and updated?  Where do you go?  Can anywhere be remotely considered a center of activity?

Fiction sites would be especially appreciated.  Because seriously, the only options I know of are CYOC (blech) and furry sites.

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Not quite your average ponyplayer [21 Feb 2011|09:27pm]

But I definitely don't mind! ;)


(X-posted to various forums)
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[12 Sep 2010|02:16pm]


I am really impressed by this one

The artist is 7carpileup and here's a link to the artwork:http://www.transfur.com/Gallery/ViewImage.ashx?Image=9488
Artist's DA: 7-car-pileup.deviantart.com/
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[04 Sep 2010|12:44pm]

Some porn ahead (not hardcore)...Collapse )

This one really turns me on ;) *the notty way*. Here is the link to the FA image from Sidian (hopes this time it will work :) ) www.furaffinity.net/view/500793/
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[03 Sep 2010|11:53pm]


This one really turns me on ;) *the notty way*. Here's the link as well
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[01 Sep 2010|09:53pm]


I found this the other day. There are things I don't like but there are things I really do. Feet paws are great in this one, along with the shredded clothing, shredded shoes and nice fur.

Author is urielx1x on deviant. urielx1x.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2i8zsq
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Being Human Season/Series 2 [26 Jul 2010|01:06pm]

Episode 4....

George (The Werewolf) makes a list. On his list, as number 1, is "Buy A Cage." So he runs around to get a custom made cage so he can lock himself up on his 'Hairy Days', so he doesn't harm anyone. This is what he says on returning home to the flatmates (the Ghost, her new ghostly friend, and the Vampire):

"Unbelievable. Tell me, is there anybody left in Bristol who can have a good shag without being tied up first? I've had two tradesmen think that I'm a pervert today. Two. And the last one apparently soundproofs dungeons all the time."

Yay! Looks like Bristol could be a good spot to be in my retirement. :)
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Were oh, were.... [29 Apr 2010|12:41am]

[ mood | peaceful ]


Might be a chance for some writers to have a shot at a first publishing... :)

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State of the Fandom [16 Apr 2010|04:25pm]

I've been thinking a lot about transformation lately.  I discovered this fandom after the TSA died, after Transfur became an art-only site, and shortly before TFCentral and TFBoard disappeared.  No wonder I'm known to run around screaming "The sky is falling!"

There's an interesting article from TSAT, way back in 2006.  It argues that the transformation trope doesn't have enough substance to stand as its own fandom:

Dragons Ain't Furs!

Mike does have a point about furries.  Yes, transformation is becoming more and more a subset of the furry fandom.  And yes, the furry fandom does turn off some TF fans.  I think that the TG/BE/age change/size change people (e.g. The Process) have split off for this reason. Or did we animal people split off from them?

I'd love it if we could find a way to attract sci-fi fans and people who love old werewolf movies, not just furries (though I'm a fur myself).

As for the idea that transformation stories aren't a "meal"...there's some truth to that, too.  I've spoken to veterans who can't read TF fiction anymore because the same plot gets old after 500 times.  That's why I like stuff that explores what happens before or after a transformation, not just the process itself.  A few of the TSA story universes, such as Metamor Keep, have been running strong for 10+ years.  Perhaps the sci-fi/fantasy backdrop gives them a lasting appeal?

I'm cautiously optimistic that the worst of it is behind us.  A lot of new sites have popped up recently, such as the Tanuke blog, Transformation Media (with almost 10,000 members!), and the upcoming Teefed.net.  But I wonder...if we don't approach transformation from a fresh angle, will we go through the same boom and bust every few years?
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Where can I buy that incense???? [09 Jun 2009|01:32am]


Honestly, where can I get some of that incense?????

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yay for raptor TFs [30 Jan 2009|06:22pm]

Image behind cutCollapse )
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'ows about a wee bit o' the hair of dog that bit ye? [19 Jan 2009|02:57pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Apparently, too much drinking can turn you into a werewolf.

Perhaps that explains why I keep waking up covered in shedded fur...

or just that the dog's been in my bed again.


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Some artwork [29 Dec 2008|11:05pm]


So cats love werewolves??!?!!
This is a Solidasp artwork (solidasp.deviantart.com)

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Transformations [21 Dec 2008|02:58pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I've seen that on this group, there's very little posting. We need to revive this place :). I am a big fan of animal transformations (specially werewolves). I would propose that we should post our favorite artwork and/or videos here and comment on what do we like them so much.

For instance, this is not my favorite (I could not pick one up, I like them all), but I really like a lot of things:
1) I love first transformations. When the person has his/her first shift. The discovery of the new form. In this picture he has a surprised look, but I also like when they show the anger finally coming out from the new instincts.
2) I love shedding clothes. Ripping shoe, ripping socks, ripping shirts, I will never get tired of them
3) Anthro. My ideal animal transformation has to be from human to an anthro wolf (or anthro whatever, but anthro wolves are my favorites). I would say my ideal anthro is 70% animal and 30% human. With the exception of longer legs and kindly more humanly hands (able to grab things) which I would say is like 50% 50%.
5) I love shifting paws (digitigrade that elongate a bit and are mostly wolf like) just like on this artwork
4) and finally, I love that they enjoyed their new form. I know I would be happy I that happened to me :)

btw.. for whatever copyright purposes, this is a catmonkshiro artwork.

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Tonight is the full moon [12 Dec 2008|04:43pm]

[ mood | curious ]

On top of that, the moon is going to be closer to earth than it has been in 15 years.
Could make for an interesting night. ;-)

Remember to disengage clutch before shifting.

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Artie artart [26 Oct 2008|01:09am]

So, I recently was inspired by some of Flinthoof's recent works of turning artists and other peoples' characters into different species. I figured I'd take a stab at it, using my own character: Tyrique Dogstar, a anthro rough collie. (Here he is running from a chicken that used to be Foxx)
These are technically post-TF (With the exception of the last one, which would be the start of the TF), so hope that's OK.
Kangaroo - Deviant Art link, Furaffinity Link
Otter - Deviant Art Link, Furaffinity Link
Red Panda - Deviant Art Link, Furaffinity Link
Kiwi bird - Deviant Art Link, Furaffinity Link
Human - Deviant Art Link, Furaffinity Link
What the hell? - Deviant Art Link, Furaffinity Link
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Some oldies but goodies [30 Sep 2008|05:20pm]


Read more...Collapse )
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Project Altered Beast [23 Sep 2008|08:33pm]

I didn't realize this came out:

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Weretiger picture (NSfW) [09 Aug 2008|07:32pm]

Here you go... i made a weretiger in mid transformation pic

For DA:
For FA (if its still up ;) )

there is a brighter version too, just look at the comment box of the above
links. This is my second go with 3D stuff... so im quite pleased with how
it turned out.=^_^=.
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TGI's Closed due to (insert_meme)... [17 Jul 2008|10:15pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

So, rzr444 gets uptight that someone posted "stolen" stuff from TGI to anonib, and decided to shut down the site. Nevermind that the images that were posted on anonib still have the tag from the porn site they came from even after being edited. 95% of the images on TGI are edited soft/hard-core porn that were copied, edited, and reposted. When someone reposts something that didn't really belong to you in the first place, you don't have a very solid basis for reporting that you're the copyright holder to the anonib mods. I've found some of my own stuff posted on other sites, and even on a few bootleg CD-R art archive discs that get passed around at furry cons. I really don't care if it's posted to 4/5/6/7chan, SA or whatever. I've found a lot of my favourite sites through SA's "Awful Link of the Day", the old "Portal of Evil", and the "*chan"s.

Apparently the best solution is to pack up and and ruin everyone's enjoyment of the site, that'll show those guys that this is serious business.

(x-posted to the TF-Board, since I can't login to TGI's board)

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